Wednesday, May 8, 2013

 Turkish Airlines Boeing 737-800 Registration Number TC-JFO. The photo was taken after departed LTBA (02.10.2010)
© Ali Gurbuz
The first flight was on 15th June 1999 and the aircraft was delivered to Turkish Airlines on 29th June 1999. 
The name of the aircraft is Edirne and the serial number of the aircraft is 29777/309. 

The capacity of the aircraft is 165 passengers and the engines are CFM56-7B26. 

The winglets were put on the wings on March 2009.  

Max.Take-off weight is 70,535Kg.

Max Range 3600 Km.

Max cruising speed is 858Km/h.

Max.operating altitude is 12,495 m.

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