Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Ataturk Airport Was Selected “The Fastest Growing Airport” At Euro Annies 2013

Istanbul Ataturk Airport operated by TAV Airports was selected  “The Fastest Growing Airport” at Euro Annies 2013 Awards held by, the most respectable website in the aviation sector, for its 21 per cent growth in 2012.
Istanbul Ataturk Airport operated by TAV Airports was selected ‘The Fastest Growing Airport' at the 4th Euro Annies Awards 2013 by website, one of the most important publications followed closely by the aviation sector. Ataturk Airport received the winning title at Euro Annies 2013 where the best of the aviation sector are awarded annually with its 21 per cent growth in its passenger traffic.
TAV Istanbul General Manager Kemal Unlu said “Istanbul Ataturk Airport has secured a position for itself amongst the leaders of the aviation sector with a steady growth it has achieved during the last 10 years. During the last year when the world was still recovering from the effects of the crisis, we achieved 21 per cent growth and hosted 45 million passengers. We strive to offer our guests a fast, comfortable and safe travel experience through our expertise that we gained globally. We cooperate with all our stakeholders, particularly with DHMI (State Airports Authority) and THY (Turkish Airlines) at the highest level. We are very pleased to receive this award at which is one of the leading publications of the aviation sector.”
Istanbul Ataturk Airport which was selected ‘The Fastest Growing Airport’ at Euro Annies 2013 where winners are selected based on the passenger traffic data published at the aviation website, has also shared the winning prize with Amsterdam Schiphol Airport in 2011 in the category of ‘Airport with the most recent routes outside Europe’ for its new network of 7 routes.

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