Monday, March 10, 2014

Codeshare partners Singapore Airlines (SQ) and Turkish Airlines (TK)

Singapore Airlines A380
Singapore Airlines A380
By Rob Finlayson

Codeshare partners Singapore Airlines (SQ) and Turkish Airlines (TK) will extend their links in what could be the first of a new tranche of partnerships for Singapore Airlines.
Singapore Airlines will offer SQ-coded flights on Turkish-operated flights into regional Turkey, as well as the carrier’s established destinations across Africa, Europe, the Middle East and North America.
TK-coded flights will reciprocally be offered on Singapore Airlines’ routes to non-specific “southeast Asia and the southwest Pacific” destinations, the airline said in a statement.
Singapore Airlines will also increase frequency of its Singapore-Istanbul route to 6X-weekly on a seasonal basis. Currently, Singapore Airlines runs 4X-weekly flights between Singapore and Turkey, whereas Turkish Airlines operates 7X-weekly. Hard on the heels of Singapore Airlines’ recent tie-up with Air New Zealand to run coordinated sales and codeshares, it hints there could be more tie-ups in the near future.
“We look forward to establishing more codeshare agreements and remain open to opportunities to expand our presence in various markets,” a Singapore Airlines source said.
Turkish Airlines chief investment/technology officer Ahmet Bolat said the move will give Singapore Airlines extended opportunities within Africa, Europe, the Middle East and North America using TK’s hub in Istanbul.
“We see the strategic partnership with Singapore Airlines as another contribution to strengthening our frequency efforts,” he said.
The airline source described the move as “taking advantage of an opportunity as it arises,” adding that codesharing enables it to run on routes not commercially viable with Singapore Airlines' aircraft.
Asked about the strength of the Middle East carriers and their extending reach across Asia-Pacific, the SQ source said that “competition is not unfamiliar to us—and network growth is also about increasing frequency to provide better connectivity.”
As yet, the carrier has not released details on the aircraft to be used for the added routes, but it described “flexibility in aircraft deployment” as an important factor. This may suggest some shuffling of its existing long-haul aircraft to provide the new service. Current Singapore Airlines flights use Boeing 777-200s.

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