Thursday, March 27, 2014

Seven German airports to be affected by Thursday's Verdi union strike

Seven major German airports—including Frankfurt, Munich, Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Cologne, Stuttgart and Hanover—will be affected by German public services trade union Verdi strike over wages on Thursday.
The strike should start in the early morning hours, expected at 3 a.m., and should end at 2 p.m. local time. Fraport confirmed in a statement the strike will have a significant impact on operations and is expecting major flight cancellations. 
Lufthansa is expecting a significant disruption to operations. “We canceled 600 flights out of 1,800 scheduled flights for tomorrow [Thursday], almost all domestic and European flights previously scheduled before 2 p.m. at both Frankfurt and Munich,” a Lufthansa spokesperson in Frankfurt told ATW.
According to media reports, the strike is likely to involve 6,000 Fraport workers at Frankfurt airport alone.
“As was the case with the token strike called by security staff in Frankfurt over a month ago, Verdi is quite prepared to exploit non-involved parties—whether individuals or companies—in the pursuit of union objectives. We particularly regret the fact that our customers will suffer as a result. Losses at the Lufthansa Group alone will also run into the millions, even though we play no part whatsoever in this pay dispute,” COO-Human Resources and Legal Affairs Bettina Volkens said in a statement.
In addition, on March 21, more than 95% of Lufthansa pilots—represented by union Vereinigung Cockpit—voted in favor of going on strike. The union said it would give 48 hours advance notice of any strike action.

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